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Bikes For Tikes 2022

For many of us the Christmas season is a glorious time of year to be spent with friends and families sharing life together with the people we love. There are, however, many people out there whom the Christmas season is only a harsh reminder of the inadequacies, loss, struggles and trials in their lives. Unfortunate situations are expounded and become overwhelming. Many families are anxious about the Christmas season for those very reasons.

There are small children all across our area right now who are dreading Christmas morning. Why, you might ask? These children know that on the very morning when most of their friends will be outside playing with the new gifts received on Christmas, they will be desperately searching for the words to explain why they may not have anything at all.

Cornerstone Cares is praying and hoping to be able to provide relief to at least some of this anxiety, stress and hurt that these families and children may be anticipating. We are running a 'Bikes for Tikes campaign for this Christmas Season!

You can help not only provide a bicycle to a child in need but also hope and acknowledgement that someone out there has heard their plea. Something as simple as a bicycle could be the very springboard by which difficult situations are momentarily relieved, shame is alleviated, destinies are altered, and futures are brightened.

We would love for you to partner with us in making this Christmas Season a special one for children in need!

Pierce the darkness, bring hope, restore lives, and change the world!