Professional Organizer

As a Customer, your relationship with a Professional Organizer should be a very personal one. At Cornerstone, we take you privacy, confidentiality and integrity very seriously. We will ask lots of questions about your organizing needs, goals and desires. Both Bethany and Cory have had extensive training in the field of Organization. Bethany completed her certification as a Professional Organizer through IAP Career College online and is now actively engaged in several organizing campaigns for customers. Cory spent several years training and developing his skills in Lean/Six Sigma. He has worked under the tutelage of Kaufman Global as well as the University of Michigan Lean/Six Sigma Programs. He has traveled around to many different locations and facilitated Lean Kaizen Events and structured a lot of his action plans around the foundational 5S technique (Set, Sort, Shine, Standardize, Sustain).

We help our customers and their families develop an organizing solution and system that compliments their family culture and cultivates a functional environment where they can thrive. This is accomplished not by instructing, pushing, or forcing a plan on the customer but rather by listening to the customer's ideas and paying close attention to their struggles.

  • Compassion and Concern
  • Active Listening and Attention
  • Responsibility and Respect
  • Empathy and Encouragement

We understand the anxiety and feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that can accompany a disorganized environment. Cornerstone is determined to relive the stress of getting organized!

We seek not only to get the family organized and functional but also to teach, coach and educate the customer on how to sustain the new lifestyle they can now enjoy!

We like to tell our customers, "Start where you are, Use what you have, and Do what you can."