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The Story Behind | Gather 'Round the Tree

Cornerstone Cares | Mission 25:40 has focused its attention on some core principles: Piercing Darkness, Bringing Hope, Restoring Lives, and Changing the World one small Act of Kindness at a time.

We are excited to announce that this year, in lieu of "Bikes for Tikes," we invite you all to join us to "Gather 'Round the Tree!"

The inspiration behind Cornerstone Cares to introduce "Gather 'Round the Tree' is very personal and close to home. As a family, they faced many devastating and debilitating years that the assaults of drug addiction can inflict. Anger, confusion, fear, uncertainty, separation, and disparity are but a few of the heart-wrenching consequences of addiction.

But there was a Hope that overpowered their despair...

A Hope in God and His Faithfulness!

After struggling for many years, the owners of Cornerstone Cares were finally able to break the lethal chains of a life plagued with addiction. Despite what seemed to be an ominous future, they, through much prayer and support, were able to defeat addiction and restore their lives together!

With this unique capacity to sympathize with someone's struggle to overcome the giants of addiction and piece together the remnants of a shattered life, Cornerstone Cares has chosen to partner with a local organization that provides a safe place for women to undergo physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation for substance use disorders, and allows for dependent children to accompany the mother to treatment. We hope to give the women and children of this home a joyous Christmas by providing gifts to each person staying there. We would love for you to partner with us in making this Christmas Season memorable for these families.

Please help us Pierce the Darkness of a life riddled with addiction, Bring Hope to families, Restore the Lives of individuals who are desperately seeking to break free from their shackles, and Change the World, one small act of Kindness at a time!